Flattering things about Chasing the White Dog:

[Watman’s} a good storyteller because he’s a good listener--curious, amiable and game for anything, whether it’s a visit with a NASCAR champion to an 800-gallon illicit still ... or a strategy session with the defense lawyer in a bootlegging trial in Virginia . . . a merry companion, with a fondness for down-home wisdom and hell-raising -- Mick Sussman, The New York Times Book Review.

Pitch perfect” -- Men’s Journal

“Wildly entertaining” -- Jason Wilson, The Washington Post

The most refreshing read on distilling I have found in years: fascinating and often fun.”—Jim Murray, author of Jim Murray’s Whiskey Bible

I’m proud of where I came from and think Max did great job preserving a part of our history.”—Junior Johnson, NASCAR legend

“Max Watman is corn liquor Dominick Dunne, a literate, funny, and insightful apostle of bespoke liquor and homemade applejack. Like any jury-seasoned moonshiner, he claims his liquor-making days are behind him. Whether or not one chooses to believe that, let's hope his writing days are far from over.”—Matthew Rowley, author of Moonshine and Rowley's Whiskey Forge

Flattering things about Race Day:

An entertaining buffet of racing lore and legend told in a novel fashion and a crisp tempo. --Joe Hirsch Daily Racing Form

There is nothing like a good racetrack story and Max Watman has mined the best and told them better than they've ever been told. A fascinating journey for anyone—racetrack lifers to casual fans. --Sean Clancy Saratoga Special

Max Watman's intimate, comfortable, and stylish prose about horse racing is almost equivalent to a perfect day at the races. --Alaska Horse Journal

A great tribute to American Thoroughbred racing. --Horse-Races.Net

Harvest is out now & available at your favorite bookshops!

“It's the writing. It's always the writing. And Mr. Watman is good...he captures the swing and momentum of food preparation, the Zen of hunting and fishing, and the sweet, quirky joys of family life...One gets the sense that Mr. Watman, busy with kitchen projects both kooky and conventional, would be fun to have as a neighbor...the informative bits of history, biology and soil science that he offers up are, in turn, vivid, insightful and interesting.” (Eugenia Bone, The Wall Street Journal)

“While I was growing up on our family farm near Lyon, I learned the importance of seasonal produce and fully utilized livestock at an early age. Max Watman’s witty and vivid accounts of producing farm-fresh products such as cheese and preserves in a modern world brings back fond memories and had me laughing throughout.” (Daniel Boulud)

“Whether it's a ripe Camembert, a just-caught striped bass, or a homemade bresaola-of-Bubbles (his steer), Max Watman has the descriptive and narrative power to make the outer limits of the food world seem both magnificently rare and dangerously explorable and appealing. Harvest finds the sweet overlap between our gustatory appetite and our hunger to keep turning the pages of a great story.” (Matt and Ted Lee)